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PBT / ITP TOEFL Online Test

This test is prepared and managed by ESC (English Solution Center) which is part of Damalus Academy

To access this test, you must first REGISTER, by clicking the registration form button above, and attach payment proof/screenshoot for a confirmation.

You can settle the test fee of Rp. 250.000 by transferring it to BCA Acc. No. 0948049310 a.n. Mashuri Damas. Once it is confirmed, you will get an email informing a password to access the test. The certificate of the test will be sent to your address via JNE within 2 – 5 days. For further info, WA 0812 8498 9069

In this test, there are three parts in which to access each part, you need to enter the password that you have received from us. Click the following button in accordance with the section of the test that you have to do.